What our researchers want to know

What our researchers want to know

We need your help

Our researchers need your help

Before we start any new research, we want to make sure that it is relevant to local people; will help people with a particular disease or condition; and will help to increase knowledge and evidence about effective treatments.

You can find the latest opportunities for you to help research teams in Nottingham to develop their ideas and projects.

You don’t need to be an expert in clinical research, or be involved in a research trial. In most cases you will be asked for general feedback which will help us to understand how our research could help people just like you.

If you’ve got a few minutes and would like to help, please contact us, or the research teams directly (where their details are shown). Thank you!

Opportunity with the University of Nottingham Pain Centre

Could you help to make information about our research clear and easy to understand?

A plain English summary (also known as a “lay summary”) is used by every research project to explain what the research is about.

A plain English summary takes sometimes complex ideas and technical or scientific language and translates it into something everyone can understand. 

These summaries are then used to explain to the public, patients, carers and healthcare/care professionals what the research is aiming to do.

The summary is intended to explain the research, what the researchers aim to achieve and what the impact of the research might be for patients, for other researchers or for changing the way healthcare is planned and delivered.

Typical summaries might discuss the purpose of the research, its relevance to patient groups, the proposed methodology and/or the findings.

How you can help

We have two opportunities for you to help support the development of new summaries:

  • low back pain
  • questionnaires relating to knee pain

This activity can be done from home and you will be provided with support and information about what is involved.

Contact us

This may be of interest to you have experience of low back or knee pain.

For all further information/queries please email the Administration Coordinator, University of Nottingham Pain Centre: paincentre@nottingham.ac.uk